Germany: VW's WeShare Launches Electric Car Sharing In Hamburg

Up to 800 Volkswagen ID.3 will be available for use.

Volkswagen’s WeShare is launching another all-electric car-sharing system in Germany. This time in Hamburg, where the launch was postponed a few times.

The service will start on February 25 with a fleet of about 400 Volkswagen ID.3, which will be gradually expanded up to 800 units in the Spring.

For comparison, the same service in Germany uses 1,500 e-Golf and just 100 ID.3, but it’s only because it was launched before the ID.3 came out. The e-Golfs will be gradually replaced by ID.3 cars over time.

WeShare in Hamburg will get ID.3 with 62 kWh battery (58 kWh net) and WLTP range of about 420 km (261 miles). VW is also installing some charging points so the service doesn’t have to rely only on public charging stations.

Those who decide to register before the launch can get a small bonus of a free first month and €15 starting credit.

There are two rates – standard (without monthly payment) and WeShare+, which requires €9.90 a month, but the use per minute is less expensive:

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