Government Should Set End Goals, Allow Industry Freedom To Achieve It: Maruti Suzuki

At the annual ACMA conclave, Maruti Suzuki’s, Managing Director, CEO, Kenichi Ayukawa, said that the government should set targets for the industry and should allow the players the freedom to achieve the said target. Speaking at the ACMA conclave today Ayukawa mentioned, “If the government sets targets on the end-goals and allows freedom to the industry players to choose the technology that is best suited to achieve the end-goals. Such “technology-agnostic approach” will give the freedom for technology-choice while keeping focus on the target.”

It has not been an easy ride for the automotive industry in India as the sales slump continues and the manufacturers have to make production corrections to make sure that the supply is as per the demand. Giving a free-hand to industry players will certainly bring out the competitive spirit in each and every manufacturer but then again it won’t be a level playing field for those who cannot afford to invest in technology right away. But with BS6 norms kicking in in April 2020, there has been a level of standardization across the board as far as far emission norms, safety and security is concerned.

This of course means that the components will need to be developed to meet the demand of the changing industry too and Ayukawa makes it quite clear that the OEMs will help the component manufacturers evolve. He said, “Let me assure you that as OE manufacturers, we will try to continuously study the environment and communicate the technology expectations from our component suppliers.”

There’s a lot to be done for the revival of the auto industry in the country and the sector has sought help from the government. The government has heard this call for help and meetings with the GST council as also recommendations from the Union Minister of Transport, Nitin Gadkari, will create a better environment for the auto industry in India.

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