GT Sport Live Stream: 2021 International GT League World Series Selection Event 4

Today will see the fourth selection event in the 2021 International GT League World Series, and you can catch it live right here on GTPlanet.

Organized by a group of GT Sport‘s best drivers, the IGTL stages this championship for players who have reached the top A+ ranking in the game. It’s the second season for the World Series after a successful 2020 event which saw the high entry standard rewarded with high quality, high speed racing. That’s persisted through the three Selection Events we’ve seen this year.

Each event will see two drivers qualify for the main GT3 series this year. So far we’ve seen Quinten Jehoul and Nicolas Romero head through from the GT Nostalgia race, with Edward Williams and Christian Malkii winning through in the Americas Classic. Last week it was the turn of Will Murdoch and Tristan Bayless, who conquered the Vintage Challenge.

This week’s event will head to a very familiar circuit for racers involved in the Olympic Virtual Series Time Trial. The 12 qualified drivers, who include some returning names, will try to manage the twitchy Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo around the Tokyo Expressway South Inner Loop circuit.

One fun twist this week will involve the tires. The Honda will use Racing Intermediate tires, which are a grooved racing slick designed for a damp circuit, but the course will be fully dry. A pit stop might be necessary, but we’ll have to wait and see.

There’ll be two more chances coming up to qualify over the next four weeks, with four spots remaining. These 12 drivers will then head through to a GT3 series which will see prizes awarded, including something as-yet unspecified from gaming monitor supplier BenQ Mobiuz Gaming Europe.

The race broadcast starts at 19:00 UTC today, and you can catch all the action below:
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