How Does AWD Tesla Model 3 Behave With One Driving Wheel? Like A 4×4

Watch how a Discovery and a Model 3 behave on rollers and spot the differences.

EVs have a lot of torque from zero. Off-road vehicles have means to get as much torque as possible, such as with a reduction gearbox and other gadgets. But how do they behave in slippery conditions? Is the off-roader better than the EV? The Duszaniespokojna YouTube channel made a test with rollers and shows there is practically no difference.

In order to evaluate that, Duszaniespokojna chose a Land Rover Discovery 4, known for its off-road capability, and a Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor. In other words, an AWD Model 3.

These tests on rollers are very interesting because they reproduce low traction situations on the wheels, such as in the mud or on icy surfaces. For that, the cars have some of their wheels put into rollers and they have to drive out of them.