Hyundai Creates Chinese Electric Sedan With Creta Headlights

It will be unveiled at the 2020 Auto Guangzhou.

All over the world, sedans are giving in to SUVs apart from China. Customers there still love the most classic of car bodies, even if sales charts tell us that romance will eventually fade. Smart car manufacturers aware of China’s passion for EVs may take advantage of that to produce an efficient combination of both. Hyundai will unveil precisely that when the 2020 Auto Guangzhou opens its gates with a new electric sedan with Creta headlights.

If you have never heard about the Creta, it is a compact SUV Hyundai sells in developing countries. Build over the Elantra platform, it was a respected contender in all markets until Hyundai decided to give its second generation very unusual headlights. The ones used by the new electric sedan are very similar, as Autohome’s picture shows.