IIHS: Consumers Can Overestimate Driver-Assist Like Tesla's Autopilot

IIHS says names such as Autopilot, Super Cruise, Pro Pilot and others can give drivers the wrong impression.

Over the past decade, our vehicles have become more technologically advanced. It is quite common for a car on the road today to be equipped with modern driver-assist features such as lane keep, emergency braking, maintaining a set following distance and automatically adjusting speed with the flow of traffic.

The progress is exciting to watch, with many drivers capable of seeing the through line to future fully autonomous driving. Unfortunately, many others are completely unaware of the current limitations of the various systems. A study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) finds that a significant portion of participants believed these Level 2 driver-assist systems have reached a higher tier of sophistication than they actually have.

Participants in the study by were asked questions about two partial autonomous systems. Which system they were asked about (Autopilot, Traffic Jam Assist, Super Cruise, Driving Assistant Plus, ProPilot Assist) was chosen at random.