‘I’m a salesman – how to get the best car at the dealership and when to haggle’

A motoring expert has revealed a way that drivers can save thousands when they buy their next car from a dealership.

The TikTok user @billythecarkid is a car salesman and regularly posts short videos in which he helps viewers avoid common traps in order to save money on their next car.

In one of his most popular videos, Billy stated that buyers shouldn’t always agree when a car salesperson states that they do not haggle with customers.

He explained: “I know a lot of you are hearing what I hear every day which is ‘there’s no negotiation here’ like I said at the beginning of the video but stick hard to your game plan and still offer them an offer.

“Regardless, if they can negotiate or not, ask them for the out the door price and then simply just offer them a number. The worst they can say is no.”

Billy’s advice comes at a time when the used car market continues to grow, with the online vehicle marketplace Auto Trader noting that the typical used model that sold during August 2023 cost £17,823.

Whilst the price was 0.2 percent down compared to the previous month, the value of used cars was still higher than during August 2022, with some types of models, such as electric vehicles, growing in popularity.

According to the company, a difference in supply and demand for electric cars is helping to drive up prices, with the average EV costing motorists £32,463.

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However, Billy also highlighted that used car buyers can have better luck with this trick if they try to haggle on a car with the biggest profit margin, such as vehicles previously bought new by motorists who later found it was not for them.

He said: “They’re going to give you [the seller] trade numbers for that vehicle you just paid MSRP [Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price] for. Once they’ve given trade numbers, they’re simply going to detail it and depending on the used car price, sometimes more than the new car price, they’re going to put it back on the lot for full retail.

“The reason I’m telling you this is because these are the vehicles we should be looking for. These are the vehicles that have $10,000 [£8,285] plus in profit sometimes and absolutely nothing to charge against the vehicle, there were no repairs, there were no damages when the vehicle came back in.

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Billy later added that, whilst these vehicles can be hard to find, looking all over the country on an online retail site can help buyers to find the perfect car for them.

He continued: “If we go to every dealership and try to do this we’re likely going to fail because of our impulsiveness.

“But if we stay at home and price shop all over the United States, we’re going to find that dealership and that deal we’re looking for.”

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