In June 2019, e-tron Sales Accounted For 3.7% Of Audi Volume In U.S.

Audi e-tron sales are noticeable in the U.S., but not yet ready for a four-digit number

In June, Audi e-tron sales in the U.S. were a little lower than in May (726 vs 856), but overall it wasn’t a bad result for the second full month of availability.

Currently, the e-tron accounts for 3.7% of Audi sales (compared to 4.5% in May), which is significant as the brand balances on the growth/decline edge (in June sales decreased by 0.3% to 19,409).

Comparing the e-tron to the Tesla Model X (2,725) reveals a huge difference of around 2,000, but it will be interesting to see how the situation progresses over time.

Audi e-tron sales in U.S. – June 2019

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