Inside the incredible car collection of The Apprentice’s Alan Sugar

The Apprentice: Lord Sugar arrives in a Rolls Royce

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Lord Alan Sugar is one of the most successful businessmen in the UK, with an estimated net worth of £1.08billion, comfortably putting him in the top 200 richest people in the country. With his business empire and his starring role in the BBC hit show The Apprentice, Lord Sugar is no stranger to a luxurious lifestyle, with a car collection to match.

But it didn’t start off easy. His first vehicle was a second-hand Mini van which he bought for £50 in 1967 which he drove alongside his Lambretta Scooter.

The first car he bought new was a Ford Cortina Estate, which he called his “pride and joy”, followed by a used Jaguar 3.8S.

Perhaps his most famous car is his Rolls-Royce Phantom, often seen with his custom number plate “AMS 1”.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom has a price tag of around £350,000, but owners often upgrade them with custom finishes, which can breach the £1million mark.

The car is often seen on The Apprentice, with the businessman driving in style when he goes to meet the candidates. 

He is also a fan of Bentleys, having purchased a slick 1959 Bentley S1 Continental Sport Saloon from music legend Elton John.

Alan Sugar owned the car for 25 years, before selling it at Bonhams. Sir Elton John described it as “the most beautiful car, I think, that’s ever been designed”.

In 2018, Lord Sugar revealed that a car collector contacted him saying he had his first Rolls-Royce which he purchased in January 1982.

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He added: “I have bought it back and it is being delivered today. All I need now is to get another classic number.”

While it had passed its most recent MOT, the front and rear metal brake pipes had corroded, as well as the metal fuel lines and the rear suspension pipes.

There was also oil leaking from the engine and a suspected fault with the speedometer, with mileage from the previous year’s MOT.

It is not known how much he paid to return his old Rolls, but many were hoping he had haggled for a discount given the number of problems.

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Lord Sugar is keen to show off his latest additions to his car collection on his social media channels.

He frequently posts snaps of his car on Instagram, including his new Corvette C8, next to his Cirrus SR-22T small aeroplane.

The light aircraft matches Sugar’s wealth, with a 2021 model setting customers back $779,900 (£632,888).

The bright purple Corvette C8 certainly packs a punch with a 6.2-litre V8 engine and eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox with paddleshifters.

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There is no surprise then that the £75,000 supercar has received high praise from Car and Driver, Evo and CAR Magazine.

Despite the incredibly impressive vehicle, many in the comments were keen to poke fun at the colour choice, with one saying: “Your taste in colour is horrendous… you’re fired!”

Many others were keen to praise the businessman, saying: “Hard work pays off. Enjoy!” Posting on Twitter in 2019, he also showed off his new car seemingly near a marina in Europe.

He wrote: “This is a NEW car. Old Aston [Martin] body design but with Jaguar parts under the hood.” It showed a sky blue David Brown Speedback Silverstone Edition, which retails for around £750,000.

The company claims only 10 were ever made and celebrated the brand’s move to the new Silverstone build facility and headquarters in April 2017. The latest episode of The Apprentice airs tonight on BBC One at 9pm and is available on BBC iPlayer.

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