It’s Here the “Back to the 50’s Weekend” Movie!

The Minnesota Street Rod Association calls their annual event held in the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in Saint Paul, “Back to the 50’s Weekend” and it really is a time warp. The corniest worn out clichés might work great for the square media when it comes to covering anything to do with cars, but here at STREET RODDER we like to believe we’re just a little hipper than that. And to prove it we’re not going to ask, “Where were you in ’62?” or tell you to, “be there or be square.” — just to watch this really keen video we shot from a slowing and speeding golf cart and enjoy the aerial views filmed from the roof of the park ranger’s ’59 Buick.

Special thanks for the copyright-free soundtrack goes to Floyd and the Cruisers, Ruby and the Driveshafts, plus Crash Cadillac and the Stripped Nuts. And of course, a big thank you to our friends at the Minnesota Street Rod Association for putting on a really great show and providing us with a lot of donuts while we were working in Saint Paul.

Alright that’s the last of STREET RODDER’s web coverage of Back to the 50’s Weekend for 2019 but look forward to an upcoming issue of STREET RODDER with an in-print recap including Best Ford in a Ford and the Back to the 50’s Top 10 pick for Painless Performance Products STREET RODDER Top 100.
— John Gilbert

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