KTM Introduces The New SX-E 3 Electric Dirt Bike For Kids

What better way to get your youngster on two wheels than on a machine built by one of the winningest teams in the world of motorsports? KTM has long established itself as a dominant player in the world of motocross, and more recently, in the world of roadracing. As such, it isn’t all too surprising that KTM has efforts geared towards the grassroots level, especially in the world of off-road.

The brand previously released the SX-E 5, a kid-focused electric dirt bike. While this bike is already very much accessible to the youngsters, KTM is lowering the barriers to entry even further with the launch of the new SX-E 3, which is essentially a downsized version of the SX-E 5. As such, the SX-E 3 bridges the gap between the SX-E 5 and the brand’s electric balance bikes, the 12eDrive and 16eDrive.

Diving into the specifics, The SX-E 5’s chassis and suspension are shared with the 2023 KTM SX-E 3, therefore the reduced seat height is accomplished by mounting smaller 10-inch wheels. Maxxis MX-ST tires are mounted on the tiny wire-spoke aluminum wheels of the 3. Additionally, the 3 features a wide range of ergonomic adjustments like its larger sibling, enabling a seat as low as 21.8 inches, which is about two inches lower than the 5. The SX-E 3’s seat height in its normal configuration is 23.6 inches. Additionally, WP handles suspension duties, with the XACT fork’s ample 5.7 inches of wheel travel and the non-linkage shock’s 5.2 inches of travel.

The SX-E 5 and 2023 KTM SX-E 3 both use the same permanent magnet motor, however the SX-E 3 only has a 3.8 kW output, which is 25 percent less than the 5. The 3’s 60-cell battery has a 548 Wh capacity, which is almost 80 percent of the 5’s. KTM claims that the 3’s battery can power two hours of exciting riding, and that a full charge can be obtained after just 70 minutes of connecting the bike to the 900-watt external charger.

A tip-over sensor ensures safety by instantly stopping the motor in the case of a drop. The wrist lanyard that the rider wears, which cuts off power to the motor when it separates from the handlebar socket, adds another layer of safety. Three power modes on the SX-E 3 enable you to customize the amount of performance for your kids as they learn the roped off-road motorcycle riding. Last but not least, both wheels’ hydraulic disc brakes offer confidence-inspiring braking. KTM has not yet disclosed the SX-E 3’s price, although it is anticipated to go on sale in October 2022.

Sources: KTM, Ultimate Motorcycling, KTM via YouTube

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