Lamborghini releases teaser for Frankfurt-bound car

Lamborghini is nothing if not brash and outlandish, and so is whatever the company is bringing to the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. The shadowy teaser it released on social media shows that it will be another one of Sant’Agata’s angular, low-slung supercars, now with an even wilder design.

At first glance, the three-pronged lights and double-bubble roof are reminiscent of the futuristic Terzo Millennio concept, but here the lights are a little bit more angled. There are no other clues as to the identity of the car, but Autocar has previously suggested that it will be a limited-run hypercar that pairs a naturally-aspirated V12 with some form of electric assistance.

The car is said to be codenamed LB48H and has already been shown to prospective buyers last year, and even with an estimated price tag of £2 million (RM10.3 million) you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s already sold out. Of (marginally) greater relevance to us common folk is that the car is widely expected to preview the replacement of Lamborghini’s flagship, the Aventador.

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