Lego Harley-Davidson Fat Boy on sale August 1

While many lust after a Harley-Davidson not many will get one but toy makers Lego has an option in the form of the Lego Creator Harley-Davidson Fat Boy. Comprising of 1,023 pieces, the Lego model comes with solid-disc wheels, mimicking the look of the actual motorcycle, along with tear drop fuel tank, speedometer and twin pipes.

Measuring over 20 cm high, 18 cm wide and 33 cm long, the Lego Fat Boy has moving parts inside the model, allowing for interaction with the builder. Spinning the rear tyre sends the pistons inside the replica Milwaukee 8 V-twin moving up and down.

Meanwhile, the handlebars, gear shift, brake levers and side stand are actuated to move into the correct positions just like in the actual Fat Boy. To commemorate the launch of the Lego Fat Boy, the builders at Billund, Denmark, where Lego is based, put together a life-size Lego Fat Boy model made from 69,569 pieces with over 6,000 special parts complete with silver coated items, Wi-Fi animation control, sound and light effects to imitate the real thing.

The Lego Creator Harley-Davidson Fat Boy will go on public sale from August 1, 2019 in Lego stores worldwide as well as online. However, Lego VIP members can purchase the Lego Fat Boy from August 17 in a special pre-sale at selected Lego Stores and
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