Listen To The Chevy Corvette C8's Engine Briefly In New Spy Video

The person filming this test mule seems willing to stalk the Corvette wherever it goes.

The mid-engined Chevrolet Corvette is very close to the July 18 official debut in Orange County,  California, but the company continues to test heavily camouflaged test mules on public roads. In this video, a ‘Vette-loving motorist spots one on the street and stalks it into a parking lot. When the sports car pulls away at the very end of the clip, there’s a brief opportunity to hear its engine make a growl.

The sound doesn’t last long, but the noise seems consistent with reports that the mid-engined ‘Vette is launching with a naturally-aspirated 6.2-liter V8 making around 460 horsepower (343 kilowatts). The exhaust note has the muscular, throaty burble that you’d expect from this type of powerplant.

The camouflage on this mid-engined Corvette looks identical to previous test mules. Chevy’s development team is careful to cover up everything you’d want to see on the car, including hiding the engine. The machine’s general design puts an emphasis on taut lines and hard angles that make the mid-engined ‘Vette look quite aggressive.

Following the July debut, the mid-engined ‘Vette should begin production in Bowling Green, Kentucky, fairly soon. Chevy stops taking orders for the C7 generation on June 23, letting the plant switch over to start building the production-spec C8. They should start arriving at dealers before the end of the year. Pricing still remains a mystery.

The much-anticipated model’s debut should only bring a brief pause to the speculation about the new Corvette. Fans are still very curious about what other engine offerings are coming, including the possibility of turbocharged and hybrid mills. There’s also still the question of whether Chevy plans to offer an open-roof variant and how the different top would work.

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