Mercedes-Benz eCitaro Uses All-Solid-State Batteries From BlueSolutions

The LMP cells were also on the failed BlueIndy cars in Indianapolis, but they have evolved.

When we told you about the Mercedes-Benz eCitaro’s option to have solid-state batteries, we said we would go after more info on these cells. We can now finally tell you what they are and who produces them. These all-solid-state battery packs are composed of LMP – or Lithium Metal Polymer. That’s a known solution, which has equipped vehicles since 2007. Anyway, BlueSolutions stresses they are all-solid-state batteries, a tech people still pursue. 

We have told you about Solid Power, for example. The company has recently announced it is producing its first cell prototypes with amazing characteristics, but that production will have to wait until 2026. BlueSolutions’ LMP already powers buses and cars, like the failed BlueIndy cars in Indianapolis.