Mercedes-Benz Plans For AMG-Tuned EQ Electric Models

Mercedes-AMG isn’t only tuning gas models now, the performance sub-brand looks to hotrod the EQ sub-brand as well.

Mercedes-AMG variants are some of the automaker’s most popular models. They come in many shapes and sizes from compact hatchbacks to large SUVs. So it only makes sense for Mercedes to add AMG models to its EQ sub-brand once the company releases more examples. 

This was confirmed by the company’s COO and R&D boss, Markus Schäfer, who said:

Few details were released but we expect the new GLA-based EQA to receive the AMG treatment first considering Schäfer listed it first. The GLB-based EQB SUV, the EQE sedan and SUV, and the EQS sedan and SUV will follow. 

Considering the power output of top Tesla Model S models, and upcoming Audi RS and BMW M-tuned EVs, we expect top AMG EQ models to sport well over 600 hp, possibly closer to 700 hp. A dual-motor setup with all-wheel-drive is almost a given in order to handle the enormous amount of instant torque and for surefooted acceleration. 

The current front-wheel-drive Mercedes EQA revealed last month will start off with what seems like a measly 188 hp, but an upcoming all-wheel-drive version will have 268 hp. Once an AMG-tuned version is released, expect its power output to be in the area of 400 hp. Currently, the most powerful four-door AMG model is the GT 63 S 4-Door Coupe that makes 630 hp. The top two-door AMG GT Black Series is the most powerful, making a whopping 720 hp. 

With the release of the EQS later this year and the SUV versions of the EQE and EQS in 2022, don’t expect to see these high-output AMG EQ models anytime soon. 


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