MG Showcases Heritage And Legacy At 21 Gun Salute Rally

MG Motor India showcased several classic cars, owned by enthusiasts at the 21 Gun Salute Classic Car And Bike Rally Concours d’Elegance on February 15-16, 2020. Reinforcing the brand’s strong British heritage and commitment towards MG classic car owners in India, a procession of MG classic cars was flagged off from India Gate towards Gurugram, with MG’s first-ever car model, a 1924 MGA, leading the rally. The event was supported by MG Car Club from the UK, enabling owners of MG classics in India to connect with the nearly 100-year-old club from the marque’s spiritual home.

With a rich legacy of nearly 100 years in India, the MG brand became world-famous with its two-door coupes and roadsters. In fact, in India, the classic British luxury marque has a good number of classic car owners, and a few of them came together and attended the event, sharing their stories and experiences with MG and supporting the much sought-after legacy of the British brand.

MG Classic Cars like 1951 MG TD MG Midget and MGA at the 21 Gun Salute Rally

“Connecting with past MG owners in India helps us in strengthening the bond between the global MG community. It feels great to hear stories of Indian MG classic car owners and see some of the most iconic and rare models like MGB, MG Midget and MGA which signifies the strong heritage of MG cars in India,” said Adam Sloman, General Manager, MG Car Club (MGCC), UK.

Founded in 1930 in the UK, the MG Car Club (MGCC) is one of the oldest car clubs in the world, with over 50,000 members worldwide. The club connects enthusiasts and owners of classic MG cars to each other, and provides support in sourcing spares for classic cars, and connecting customers of classic MG cars with spares suppliers. The two-day event culminated at the 21 Gun Salute Concours d’Elegance which was held at the Karma Lakelands in Gurugram.

“MG is a brand that car lovers have cherished close to a century. Connecting with the owners of MG classic cars enriches us with stories of the past, allowing each one of the participants to have a trip down memory lane. The 21 Gun Salute Rally is not just an event but a journey that brings together vintage car owners and creates the foundation of a ‘car club culture’ and ‘connected community’ in the country,” said Gaurav Gupta, Chief Commercial Officer, MG Motor India.

A lovingly restored 1959 MGA at the 21 Gun Salute Rally

Founded in the UK in 1924, Morris Garages vehicles were world famous for their sports cars, roadsters and cabriolet series. In 1930, a separate MG Car Company was incorporated, and over the next few decades the brand underwent many changes in ownership. Today, the MG brand is owned by China’s SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation), but the British marque is most well-known for the classic two-door sports cars from the 1950s, including the T-Type models.

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