MINI Malaysia updates price list – cheaper but with shorter 2-year warranty, no free service; from RM214k –

MINI models aren’t left out of BMW Group Malaysia’s decision to revise its warranty policy, which sees the introduction of optional extended warranty and service packages to accompany a shorter but familiar standard warranty period.

Before getting into the nitty gritty, a brief recap. In January 2016, MINI Malaysia announced that models sold in the country would come with a four-year/unlimited-mileage warranty, which was an upgrade from the two-year/unlimited-mileage coverage that was provided before. The new scheme (at the time) also included a four-year/60,000 km free service package that replaced the three-year/50,000-km MINI Service Inclusive FIX package.

Based on the latest MINI price list effective January 1, 2021, the company has now reverted to the previous two-year/unlimited-mileage warranty for all models, with no free service package offered as standard. That certainly sounds like a negative, but hear us out first.

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You can still get a four-year/unlimited-mileage warranty and free service package as before, but you’ll now need to pay extra as these are now options. These add-ons can be ordered individually or as a bundle after buying the car (within the standard two-year warranty), although the latter is discounted provided you specify them upon initial purchase of a new MINI.

Does this change have any effect on pricing of MINI models? Yes. Referring to MINI Malaysia’s price list, all models are now cheaper than before, but if you add on the discounted bundle (warranty extension and free service, you arrive at the same prices listed previously.

Cherry-picking a few examples, the MINI 3 Door Cooper S retails for RM233,577.56 the with SST exemption factored in (effective until June 30, 2021), which is certainly less than the RM240,777.56 listed if we refer to last August’s price list. Add in the bundle that costs RM7,200 for this particular model, and you arrive back at RM240,777.56.

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Need another example? Let’s take the Clubman John Cooper Works, which now goes for RM337,527.82. The bundle for JCW models costs more at RM7,970, which when added to the starting price, ends up at RM345,497.82, the same as stated previously.

So, if you’re content with less coverage (we can’t see why anyone would), you’ll pay less for a MINI now. However, keep in mind that a shorter warranty will have some effect on resale value, because not everyone will want to settle for an out-of-warranty car if possible.

Of course, if the MINI is still within the standard two-year coverage, the new owner could always buy the aforementioned packages to stay covered for a while longer. Pay less but receive less coverage, or pay the same as before to have it, that’s a choice you’ll have to make. What say you?

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