‘Moronic’ driver pulled over with unsecured bale of hay on car – ‘new year, same idiots’

Driver pulled over after unwittingly cutting in front of police

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Police in Worcestershire were staggered to pull over a man who was driving along with an unsecured bale of hay balanced on the back of a pick-up truck. Officers noticed the dangerous load on the A435 near Redditch and said it could have had dire consequences had it come out of the truck.

They explained the bale almost did exactly that when the truck was pulled over.

West Mercia’s Operation Patrol Unit outlined what happened on its Twitter page.

It said: “The large bale of hay was not secured in any way and almost rolled out when we stopped the vehicle!

“The consequences of this hitting a pedestrian or cyclist are terrifying.”

It seemed the owner of the vehicle didn’t manage to get away with just a warning.

“Driver reported for the offence.” said the feed.

The British public reacted with typical humour to the offence however.

In reply, one twitter user wrote: one writing “Clutching at straws for excuses.”


Another user added: “Hopefully the driver isn’t baled for this offence.”

A more serious user put: “Jokes aside, this is crazily dangerous. Not only to pedestrians or cyclists but to other road users.”

A fourth wrote simply: “New year, same idiots on our roads. What an absolute tool.”

While another warned: “Idiot. There can be a lot of weight behind these bales. If they come off at speed, they can be very dangerous.”

Under Section 40A Road Traffic Act 1898 it is an offence to use a vehicle or trailer on a road if it involves a danger of injury to any person.

The offence can be committed not only by the driver but by anyone who causes or permits it, for example, the business.

The penalty for the offence carries a maximum fine of £2,500 but if it involves a goods vehicle it is now an unlimited fine.

That’s aside from three penalty points on the driver’s license.

If you’re spotted with an unsecured load on your vehicle, the police can simply issue a £100 fixed penalty fine.

But if a goods vehicle causes danger due to its load or passengers the fine can be as high as £5,000, plus three penalty points and a disqualification.

Any driver stopped won’t be able to finish their journey until the load is fixed.

Once it is, it will have to be inspected and then released at a cost of £80.

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