New 50 kW DC fast charger at Ayer Keroh R&R south-bound with CCS2, CHAdeMO and Type 2 guns –

More good news for electric car drivers using the PLUS highway – ChargEV has refreshed and renewed the DC charger at the Ayer Keroh south-bound restaurant R&R.

The Ayer Keroh R&R charger was the first ever highway DC fast charger in Malaysia when it was installed there back in 2018. It was a Setec charger with two guns – 50 kW CHAdeMO and 22 kW AC Type 2.

That has now been replaced with a ABB triple gun DC fast charger featuring 50 kW CHAdeMO, 50 kW CCS2 and 43 kW AC Type 2. Users of the previous generation Renault Zoe will be happy to hear about the 43 kW AC capability. The addition of CCS2 to the site is very welcome as most EVs sold in Malaysia recently use CCS2 for DC fast charging instead of CHAdeMO.

To use it, you will need to use the ChargEV app to activate it. The following is the fee to use the charger, which you will need to pay by adding a debit/credit card in your ChargEV app:

  • 50 kW CCS2 – RM1.10 per minute
  • 50 kW CHAdeMO – RM1.10 per minute
  • 43 kW Type 2 – RM2.00 per 10 minutes

There are a few other chargers at the Ayer Keroh south-bound R&R area as it is a strategic location. There is a 22 kW AC charger at the Petronas, and a 50 kW DC charger (RM1.20/min) at Caltex Ayer Keroh under the JomCharge app.

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