New Audi TT to follow R8 into electrification

Audi’s sporty coupe will gain electrification and a dramatic new look


Audi has spent the last few years coming up with a plan to replace the current TT, and the latest update points towards electrification and even a drastic change in bodystyle. The TT is set to be axed when production of its current generation ends in 2023, and the car will be replaced by a new style of “emotional” model that will be larger, and could well have four doors.

The original TT stunned the car industry when it was first unveiled in 1998. But sales have dwindled in recent years, leaving some within Audi to suggest that the firm ought to leave that area of the market altogether.

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Audi’s board member for technical development, Oliver Hoffman, has told us that the company had decided to push ahead with a change of positioning, “We want to add some very emotional cars to our portfolio, but a direct follower for the TT is not the answer,” he said. “We can’t just say we’ll do the TT in an electric way.”

Audi recently teased a fourth model in its series of design concepts, to be called Activesphere and unveiled in the first quarter of 2023. The brand’s shadowy preview picture shows dramatic curves and an aggressive roofline on top of a taller body – and this could be the best hint yet that the company intends to turn its more ‘emotional offering’ into a higher-riding coupé, potentially even one with four doors.

Hoffman has already suggested to Auto Express that a change of bodystyle could be under consideration. “There was no demand for a TT when we launched it,” he said. “And this is what we want to do again – to surprise our customers.” It’s likely, in fact, that Audi is considering following rival Mercedes in amalgamating some of its more style-focused, niche offerings – in this case, the TT and the larger A5 Coupé – into a single model. 

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This new vehicle would offer dramatic looks on top of the VW Group’s forthcoming SSP platform, which will mix the best elements from the existing MEB architecture and the more premium PPE components. A slightly higher profile will help to accommodate the car’s battery. 

Audi recently unveiled the TT RS iconic edition – an ultra-limited version of the TT which could well be the last hurrah for the sporty coupe. 

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