New Lamborghini Lanzador electric concept car: images leak ahead of official reveal

Images of a new concept car to preview Lamborghini’s first all-electric production model have leaked online

Lamborghini is heading in a new direction, one that will see the Italian firm unveil its first pure-electric car by 2028. We were all set to get an early glimpse of Lamborghini's EV future via a new concept being unveiled at Monterey Car Week but now grainy pictures of the car have leaked out early online.

The Sant’Agata company had already put out a teaser image of the concept car, giving us a vague good look at its design but the leaked images reveal the styling in full, along with the Lamborghini Lanzador name which appears on the numberplates.

The concept has a sleek roofline, longer than the typical shape we’re accustomed to see on Lamborghini supercars thanks to a two-door 2+2 grand tourer body style. It also borrows the raised ride height and SUV-esque stance of the limited edition Huracán Sterrato. 

Back in 2022, chief marketing officer for Lamborghini, Federico Foschini had already exclusively revealed to Auto Express that the firm would be “dropping something next year before arriving at the final product” and this concept is believed to be a clear pointer towards the first electric Lamborghni production car.

We’ll have to wait a while until the final product is revealed though, because Lamborghini’s first EV can be expected to hit the road in 2028, which will neatly coincide with the 60th anniversary of its iconic 2+2 grand tourer, the Espada. Alongside it will be the successor to the Urus, a fully electric SUV.

It’s fair to say that Lamborghini has been hesitant about going electric, which is no surprise given that so much of the firm’s success has come from V10 and V12 units. But at the launch of the brand’s first plug-in hybrid, the new Revuelto, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann told Auto Express about the company’s plans for electric vehicles, saying: “Full EV can be even more emotional than an internal combustion-engined car.”

Chief technical officer Rouven Mohr backed up Winkelmann’s thoughts on the brand’s plans for engaging EVs. He told us that “there are things you can do with EVs that you can’t do with internal combustion-engined cars”, which could focus on clever torque vectoring to boost agility and offset an EV’s weight. However, Mohr conceded that now is “not the right time for a full-EV Lamborghini sports car”, which pointed towards the brand’s first all-electric model being a 2+2 GT, as previewed by the Lanzador concept.

Lamborghini has previously toyed with the idea of a four-seat saloon car with the Estoque concept in 2008. Two decades later, we may see the bodystyle resurrected for the new EV model, which will also feature some of the latest Lamborghini design cues, such as the Y-shaped motif at the front, plus the usual flared wheelarches and angular, aggressive lines.

The company’s head of design, Mitja Borkert, told Auto Express, “It [the new car] will take 1,000 per cent the design DNA of Lamborghini. It won’t hurt or disturb any of our other model lines. But my nickname for the car is a spaceship GT.”

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A sleek, low, two-door body like the one on the Lanzador should help deliver impressive efficiency and range if it translates to the production model, but that won’t be a priority because Lamborghini will be targeting performance.


A new platform will underpin the production EV, with development on that led by Porsche. Called SSP Sport, the architecture will also support future versions of the Taycan and Panamera, as well as the replacement for the Urus, which will go electric in 2028. Lamborghini says the new GT coupé’s platform will be “technologically advanced, reliable and will [make it] incredibly fun to drive”. We already know that SSP Sport will feature an 800-volt electrical architecture and up to 350kW fast charging, so the new Lambo should top up rapidly. However, the car is still too far off for battery and motor specifications to be finalised.

We'll know more about the Lanzador concept and the future electric Lamborghini it previews when the car is officially revealed at Monterey car week in the coming days. 

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