New speed cameras to be added to these UK regions in 2020 – check if your area is affected

Fixed and mobile speed cameras will be added to many areas of the UK across 2020 in a bid for councils to reduce road accidents and improve safety. Areas which will see the wave of new cameras or upgrades to existing infrastructre span across the country. 


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Data from the Office for National Statistics has revealed a total of 27,820 people were killed or seriously injured on UK roads between 2018 and 2019 in a slight four percent increase on previous years. 

However, research from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) revealed the number of people killed or seriously injured fell by 42 percent across regions with a speed camera. 

This means over 1,700 fewer people are killed or seriously injured in locations where there are speed cameras each year. 

RoSPA data revealed incidents of excessive speeding of 15mph or more fell by a masisve 91 percent at fixed camera sites. 


Average speed cameras will be installed across two further roads in the city in a desperate bid to reduce the number of speeding motorists. 

Binley Road will see cameras installed this month and will become the third road in the city to feature the technology. 

Henley Road is also set to feature new average cameras later in the year after both roads were found to have a high number of people killed or seriously injured over the last three years. 

A total of 33 collisions on Binley Road saw five people seriously injured and two killed while 30 incidents on Henley Road included two fatalities and ten serious injuries. 

Coventry City Council confirmed they had seen a decrease in speeds and have recorded zero injuries at two other locations which have previously seen average cameras installed.

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Transport for London has announced new speed cameras will be fitted on the A10 in Enfield by the end of 2020. 

The road has seen a series of dangerous driving which has led to 41 arrests and 66 vehicle seizures since May 2019. 

Speeds of up to 127mph have been recorded on the road which has sparked calls from councillors for cameras to be installed. 

Temporary cameras will be installed from Bullsmore Lane to Southbury Road in the Spring while a permanent solution can be considered. 

Deputy Mayor for Transport, Heidi Alexander said: “People have been killed here and seriously injured. It creates quite a hostile environment for people who live round here, and I’m really pleased we are going to get these cameras. We will be reducing the road danger that exists in this location.”


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Police in Lincolnshire has teamed up with the National Police Chiefs’ Council for a three-week speed enforcement programme which began on January 13. 

Lincolnshire Roads Police confirmed officers would be able to issue Fixed Penalty Notices and even put road users before a court in extreme cases.

Community speed teams will be out across the county to help monitor vehicles and will also aim to educate locals on speed limits and road driving laws. 


One of the regions most prolific speed cameras is set to get a massive high-tech upgrade in 2020. 

A speed camera based on the A386 Alma Road has caught a total of 18,838 people between 2016 and 2018 in figures which average out at a dozen people per day. 

The camera currently detects those that go above the speed limit and who jump red traffic lights at a pedestrian crossing. 

A spokesperson said the new design would be similar to the average speed camera technology already in use around the city. 

The camera will still detect people jumping the lights and exceeding the speed limit once it is installed. 

A spokesperson for the Peninsula Road Safety Partnership said: “The new cameras are an up to date way of fulfilling the same role and are being installed in partnership with Plymouth City Council to assess this technology for wider use to reduce red light running and speeding within Plymouth.”

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