New VW ID.4 And ID.5 GTX Commercial Brings Back Sweet Memories

Volkswagen is a different brand today than it was 12 years ago. For starters, Dieselgate didn’t exist and everything was going great – diesel engines were reliable and clean, and many people saw the German brand as the sensible choice when shopping for a new car.

Now VW wants to be seen as a maker of clean vehicles, with its range of EVs that includes the ID.3, ID.4, ID.5, and ID. Buzz – cars that show Dieselgate is a thing of the past. 

But not everything has to be forgotten, and a brand’s sense of humor is part of its image worldwide. Volkswagen seems to know this because it released a sequel to its famous 2010 ad featuring a Mark III Golf.

Embedded below, the 12-year-old commercial shows a teenager who went to check out a second-hand car with his father. After his dad rings the doorbell, an old lady opens the door, and it’s all bliss for the wannabe shoppers because everybody knows that buying a used car from an old lady guarantees you get a great deal and a bulletproof car. Right?!

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