NIO Completes 1 Millionth Battery Swap

The top car already swapped the battery more than 500 times.

NIO announced that the cumulative number of its EV battery swap service in China – NIO Power – has reached 1 million, as of October 5, 2020.

That’s two times more than in May 25, 2020, which gives us a glimpse of how quickly demand for this service grows. Since Spring, NIO also expanded the size of its battery swap network from 131 stations to 155.

Simultaneously, the cumulative mileage of all NIO EVs exceeded 1 billion km (620 million miles).

According to NIO, the users who are entitled to the lifetime free power swap services already saved over RMB 100 million on energy costs.

The highest number of battery swaps in a single car is over 500.

“NIO Power conducts battery inspections covering dozens of items after the battery returns to the power swap station in order to ensure the health of each battery and bring reassurance to all users. All these prove that battery swapping has already become a mature and well-received power solution for electric vehicles.”

NIO, as a company, also takes advantage of the batter swapping, since the government announced in April that models compatible with battery swapping can continue to enjoy subsidies from 2020 to 2022, regardless of their price (others must remain under the price cap). It’s quite important because a premium brand like NIO would not be able to fit into the limit otherwise.