NIO Teases Its Flagship Sedan With Massive 150 kWh Battery

We guess that it will have a range of 600-800 km (370-500 miles).

NIO announced that during its annual NIO Day event, on January 09, 2021, it will unveil an all-new flagship sedan – actually the first sedan in NIO’s lineup.

If it will be similar to the good-looking NIO ET Preview concept from 2019 and we are extremely eager to see it.

The Chinese manufacturer said that the car will be equipped with the latest autonomous driving technologies and a 150 kWh battery pack! This is basically the biggest battery in a passenger car ever (assuming series production models).

We guess that range should exceed 600-800 km (370-500 miles), assuming energy consumption of: respectively 25 kWh and 20 kWh/100 km (62 miles).

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That’s not all, NIO will present also its second-generation battery pack swap station and “other core technologies”.

Well, with three models on the market, growing sales, new products in the pipeline and still huge opportunities in the Chinese market, NIO begin the year on a high.

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