Old Chevrolet Camaro With C8 Corvette Interior Is An Odd Combo

Engine swaps happen all the time, especially in the world of General Motors and Chevrolet’s immortal line of LS V8 engines. The third-generation Chevrolet Camaro featured in the video above boasts an LS in place of its original 5.0-liter V8 from back in the day. This time around, it’s not the engine swap that garners attention. Rather, it’s what’s happening in the cockpit.

And cockpit is an appropriate word to describe this Camaro’s greenhouse. Ordinarily, you’d find a long, flat dash with a standard-issue rectangular center console in the middle. Instead, this white pony car sports a full interior from a 2020 Chevrolet Corvette, right down to the big spine in the middle. The seats are Competition spec, the push-button start works as it should, and the digital display for the driver is in full effect. The center touchscreen also works, even displaying a cool image of the car.

The interior was done by Stitch to Slick upholstery, which is the source for the video at the top of the article. Details of the swap are found in several videos on the company’s YouTube page, where we see the tremendous amount of wiring and electrical work needed to bring 21st-century Corvette tech to this older Camaro. The car’s owner also has a YouTube channel – Coffee & Camaros Chick – where we see more of the car and its build process. We don’t have specifics on the engine aside from it being an LS swap, but the ‘Maro (known affectionately as Hiliary Banks) does sound quite healthy from our perspective.

Other details of the Camaro include 22-inch Forgiato wheels finished in white and rose gold. That matches the white exterior, which also includes some rose gold trim. The blue C8 interior certainly stands out, and it looks like a fantastic fit in the old third-gen. Considering it all started from a rather modest 1992 Camaro RS that didn’t even have power windows, the quality of the build is impressive to say the least.

Source: Stitched By Slick Upholstry / YouTube via GM Authority

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