One-Off WWII-Styled Dodge Durango Listed For Sale

It has a V8 and only 54,600 miles on the odometer.

Dodge finally put a Hellcat engine under the hood of the Durango for the 2021 year – and there’s even a Hennessey-tuned model coming this year with more than 1,000 horsepower (746 kilowatts). Dubbed as the world’s most powerful production SUV, the Durango SRT Hellcat costs at least $80,995 and is effectively one of the most expensive Dodge products ever. But if power is not everything for you, we might have a pretty cool alternative to the new Durango to interest you. It’s cheaper and one of a kind.

Meet the Durango army truck. Based on a 2006 Durango Hemi V8, it’s a heavily modified body-on-frame SUV with a unique exterior and several interesting features. It’s currently listed for sale on Facebook Marketplace and could be a very cool first step in the new year. 

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The owner of the machine told us it was his dad’s idea but the man passed away in December 2019. His son decided to continue with the project and together with his sisters, he spent almost a whole year to see the job done.

But it was well worth it – the WWII-inspired Durango rides on massive Falken WildPeak M/T off-road tires hiding underneath extended wheel arches giving the SUV a very military look. Additionally, there’s a BadLand ZXR 12,000-lbs winch mounted on the front bumper and another 3,500-lbs BadLand ATV Utility winch at the back. 

However, the most distinctive feature of this Durango has to be the retro-styled front end which mimics a Dodge military truck from the mid-XX century to a certain extent. Behind the edgy fascia, there’s a low-mileage 5.7-liter V8 engine with 335 horsepower (250 kW) and 370 pound-feet (502 Newton-meters) of torque mated to a five-speed automatic gearbox and a two-speed transfer case.

The price? Listed approximately three weeks ago, the Durango WWII SUV costs $56,000.


Facebook Marketplace via Jalopnik

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