People Who Say "F*** Electric Cars" Need To Grow Up And Move On

People Who Say "F*** Electric Cars" Need To Grow Up And Move On - Blog

I’ll speak for everyone here and say that many of us have grown up with the phrase ‘Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow’ ringing in our ears. But these four cyles of an internal combustion engine are not the only four pillars on which we have built our love of cars. Freedom, speed, power, aesthetics, emotional attachment and learning new skills also play a big part, so why is it that some people are still hell bent on damning anything battery-powered?

The reason I ask this question is because I drove a Porsche Taycan Turbo S yesterday for a video you’ll see on the channel later this month. After a day behind the wheel, my overriding thought was ‘great, now everything else I drive will feel ruined’.

The reason for that is because the Porsche is astonishing in every conceivable way. For starters, I have never felt acceleration like it and neither had any of the guys on the shoot yesterday – it’s not a fast car, it’s time travel.

People Who Say "F*** Electric Cars" Need To Grow Up And Move On - Blog

Videographer / Presenter Jack even went so far as to say “this has to be the ultimate car”, and that’s from a guy who owns a BMW E36 328i Coupe, E39 530d and Mazda MX-5 Turbo project car. I, meanwhile, can’t argue with his sentiment either (except for the fact that I could buy 150,000 £1 Volvos (a car I currently have on my driveway for the same outlay).

Anyway, I liked the Taycan so much, I even gushed over it on Instagram, after which a few of those comments starting pouring in. ‘Fk EVs’, ‘Too bad it’s electric’ and ‘Electric piece of shit’ were some of what I’ve read and the reason for my rant because:

People Who Say "F*** Electric Cars" Need To Grow Up And Move On - Blog

So to the people who moan and cry about electric cars, grow up and move on, because you’re making yourself look like an idiot (as I’m sure I have in the past when I was openly skeptical). Also, if you’ve got no experience of something (and I’m guessing all of the naysayers mentioned above don’t), then what qualifies you to bad mouth an EV, especially one as exciting and compelling as the Taycan?

Perhaps once lockdown is lifted, I’ll have to contact a few people, borrow the car again and see if I can change a few minds. I’m sure once they’ve realised they need a change of pants after 2.8-second 0-62mph launch control pulls they’ll come round to my way of thinking.

But until that day, what say you? Are you with me on this, or are you of the mind set that anything EV is automatically a POS?

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