Perodua sales in 2022 – record high of 282,019 units sold, 48.2% up vs 2021, estimated 39% market share –

The results are out, and 2022 turned out to be a record-breaking year for Perodua. The market leader registered 282,019 units last year, a huge 48.2% jump from the 190,291 vehicles sold in 2021. With demand greater than supply, P2 usually sells whatever it makes without lag, and 2022 production rose by 49.5% to 289,054 units.

To recap, P2’s 2022 sales target was 247,800 units (30.2% higher than 2021 sales, a low base due to pandemic lockdowns), which it comfortably beat. Before this, the Rawang carmaker’s best annual sales was in 2019, when it sold 240,341 units. Based on an expected 2022 TIV of 720,000 units, Perodua captured 39% market share.

You won’t hear them gloat, though. “These achievements were also the local ecosystem’s shared commitment towards our customers and our collective roles in advancing this industry,” said Perodua president and CEO Datuk Seri Zainal Abidin Ahmad.

“The industry did a lot soul searching and from the learning points obtained during the pandemic and we realised that we needed to take active steps to recover in 2021 – which saw its fair share of challenges and from there to maximise the ecosystem’s potential in 2022,” he added.

Zainal said that 2022 also had its obstacles which included the ecosystem’s recovery from the massive flood, the shortage of workers due to spikes in Covid-19 cases at the supplier level, the shortage of semiconductor chips supply and the sudden increase in raw material prices. However, with proper planning, Perodua and its partners were not only able to overcome these challenges but find much needed growth for the industry, the P2 chief explained.

Perodua breaking its all-time sales record in 2022 isn’t a huge surprise, as it was already well on track to do so in the final quarter, but the final push is impressive, and surprisingly unrelenting for a company that essentially has no rivals in Malaysia. In December, Perodua averaged 1,000 vehicles made and registered per day.

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