Petrol and diesel drivers warned of major Tesco Clubcard fuel changes

The Tesco Clubcard is one of the most common reward schemes in the UK, with drivers receiving points and money off vouchers every time they use it.

This can be vital for drivers who spend money filling up at Tesco petrol stations, especially if they drive for their job or have a long commute.

Currently, when filling up at a Tesco filling station, drivers will receive one point on their Clubcard for every £2 they spend on fuel.

However, from June 14, motorists will only earn one point for every two litres of petrol or diesel they purchase.

According to the latest data from RAC Fuel Watch, the price of fuel is continuing to fall following all-time record highs seen last year.

An average litre of petrol costs 144.08p – or 141.4p at supermarkets, whereas diesel remains more expensive at £1.52, or when buying from a “Big 4” supermarket, it will cost £1.48.

With these prices and the new Clubcard changes, drivers will generally need to spend around £3 or more to get one point.

There are no loopholes around the points situation once it comes into play on June 14, with The Money Edit suggesting that drivers could fill their tank to the brim the day before to make the most of their points.

While it may seem impossible, especially given the trend of prices in recent years, if fuel costs fall to £1 a litre or less after the deadline, drivers will be earning the same level of points that they currently do.

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Other Clubcard changes will be made in June affecting Tesco Mobile customers using their phones abroad and those looking to exchange their vouchers.

Drivers struggling with petrol and diesel prices have alternative options to save money at other big supermarket chains.

Anyone who spent more than £35 at a Morrisons supermarket between May 11 and May 21 would have received a voucher allowing them to save 5p per litre of fuel purchased.

While this offer has since ended, Morrisons has regularly launched new money-saving schemes over the last year.

Before May, the “Big 4” supermarket unveiled new money-off coupons in April and February.

If someone were to make use of the coupon, they could save £2.50 on petrol with an average 55-litre vehicle.

For diesel drivers, especially those who may drive vans with fuel tanks of 75 litres, they could save as much as £3.75.

The RAC forecasts that the UK average price of both petrol and diesel should continue to fall in the near future as wholesale costs also fall.

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