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Officially opened at the end of last year, Porsche Centre Johor Bahru (PCJB) is the marque’s first in Malaysia that integrates sales, service and spare parts supplies with a Porsche-certified body and paint workshop. PCJB staff are trained and certified by Porsche AG, and are therefore fully capable of restorative paint and body works which meet the standards set by the carmaker itself.

Being the brand’s first in Malaysia to host a Porsche-certified body and paint workshop, the centre presents our man Matthew with the opportunity to explore the facilities with a guided tour by PCJB staff on video, which reveals the extent to which restorative work is carried out for customer vehicles, both modern and classic ones.

The facility is equipped with the works – an aluminium room for working with aluminium body parts, as well as full reassembly tasks. Also housed here is a state-of-the-art chassis straightening bench, preparation bays for vehicles requiring early stage panel work prior to entering the spray booth, while painted cars go through a light tunnel for polishing and paintwork inspection.

Also being home to the country’s first Porsche Classic Partner centre, PCJB will also be home to restored classic Porsches, which by definition is a model that is at least 10 years past its end of production. The showroom area houses the Classic Corner where an example of a restored classic Porsche is showcased as a visual highlight, along with historic Porsche parts and technical literature.

This is also were examples of the Porsche Classic Communication Management (PCCM) system are shown. For a peek behind the scenes at Porsche Centre Johor Bahru, watch the video here.

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