Proton sold 141,432 units in 2022, highest since 2013 – up 23.3% vs 2021, 19.6% share; Saga, X50 top sellers –

Proton has announced that it sold 14,750 units (domestic and export) in December 2022, which is a 30.3% increase (or 3,434 units) from the 11,316 units it delivered in November. The month’s result means that the national automaker’s final sales tally for the year stood at 141,432 units sold (domestic and export), its highest since 2013.

Sales were up by 26,724 units (or 23.3%) compared to 2021, in which it managed to shift 114,708 units. The company’s fourth consecutive year of growth also saw export volume increasing to 5,406 units, up by 74% (or 2,298 units) from the 3,108 cars it sent overseas in 2021. The performance means that the company retained its second-place ranking in the sales table for the year, with an estimated market share of 19.6%.

In terms of specific numbers, the Saga continued its run as the company’s best-selling model. Sales of the sedan last month amounted to 5,913 units, with total sales for the year standing at 55,878 units, an increase of 31.1% over the number of units sold in 2021.

The X50 was the second largest contributor, with the 40,681 units sold in 2022 making for a 41.4% increase over 2021’s numbers. In December, the company delivered 3,764 units of the SUV to buyers. Elsewhere, the X70 finished the year with 18,533 units sold (up 13.1% from 2021), while the Exora contributed 4,275 units in 2022 (up by 5.9% compared to 2021).

As for the Persona, there was still a small growth in sales despite production issues brought about by the chip supply shortage. Total volume for the year was 16,357 units, a 1.3% increase from that accomplished in 2021. The only model to suffer a decline in sales was the Iriz, with its total numbers dropping by 14.9% in 2022.

Proton deputy CEO Roslan Abdullah said the company was proud of what it had accomplished in 2022, despite a tough start to the year when a combination of flood affected parts vendors and an acute shortage in the global chip industry depressed volumes for the first four months.

“2022 was a year of achievements and missed opportunities for Proton. The effect of the floods at the end of 2021 spilled over to the first quarter of the year and ensured we began 2022 on the back foot as we collaborated with our vendors to restore parts supply,” he said.

“Thankfully, the volume was made up over the next three quarters, but we are confident we could have achieved more and posted even better numbers if not for the disrupted start to the year. Still, Proton now has recorded sales growth for a fourth consecutive year, and we are proud of being the only automotive company in Malaysia to achieve that from 2019 to 2022,” he added.

Roslan said that the company was confident of achieving further growth in 2023 with the addition of new models to its product range, but was more cautious about total industry volume (TIV) growth. “We expect TIV to recede from the record volume in 2022 as deliveries for orders placed during the sales tax exemption period will be fulfilled by the end of March. Interest rates are also expected to increase again this year, so it will be tough for the auto industry to continue an upwards trajectory,” he said.

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