‘Remain vigilant’: Drivers warned of ‘dangerous’ fuel-saving methods over bank holiday

Hypermiling: Drivers go to extremes to conserve fuel

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Before the summer bank holiday, drivers are being warned to expect chaos on the roads with thousands going on staycations or road trips. Many are expected to race to save cash and avoid long queues to top holiday and beauty spots, including Cornwall and Scarborough.

Rail disruption, flight cancellations and continued airport chaos have left sun-seeking Britons opting for domestic holidays which in turn is expected to increase traffic in some areas by 22 percent.

Meanwhile the National Dash Cam Safety Portal has seen a 20 percent increase in uploads to the Portal since November, and a 12 percent increase since July 2021. 

Nextbase is urging motorists to take active steps to protect their vehicles from false claims, dangerous drivers, and thefts.

Bryn Brooker, Head of Road Safety at Nextbase, warned that drivers should invest in dash cams to protect themselves.

He said: “At Nextbase, we want motorists to take extra precautions this summer to avoid road trip misery, so are raising awareness of the five biggest hazards to look out for. 

“The number one way for motorists to protect their vehicles – both on and off the road – is by installing a dash cam. 

“Nextbase dash cams offer direct contact with emergency services in collisions through ESOS, protects you against false insurance claims, and can protect your car while parked from damage and theft.

“Many have already taken this step to protect themselves, with an estimated four to five million on UK roads.

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“Research has also found that you are 30 percent less likely to be involved in a road incident if you have a dash cam installed, as they also influence and improve the behaviour of other drivers. 

“We also recommend that motorists remain vigilant to dangerous drivers displaying these behaviours, avoid travelling at peak times, and fully research your route before you travel.”

With roads expected to be busy this week, drivers are being warned of bad habits they may see when out and about.

Given the record-breaking petrol and diesel prices seen in recent months, many drivers have taken up hypermiling techniques to get the most out of their fuel.

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While not illegal, techniques such as coasting lead to a dangerous reduction in driver control that can lead to unpredictable driver behaviour and more accidents on UK roads. 

Nextbase argues that motorists should not use these techniques in order to protect the safety of themselves as well as other road users.

Drivers may also see an increase in tailgating and fraudulent whiplash claims.

With air and rail disruption forcing more commuters to travel by road, we have heard anecdotal reports suggesting a rise in tailgating. 

Some motorists are not leaving sufficient distance to stop without causing a collision if the vehicle in front stops suddenly and this dangerous manoeuvre has contributed to one in eight accidents on UK roads. 

Motorists should be on the lookout for “tailgaters” and take all the necessary steps to protect themselves.

The record high cost of living has caused motorists to keep their vehicles for longer, with around 25 percent of all cars on UK roads now having over 100,000 miles on the clock, while approximately 1.7 million potholes across the UK have been reported and fixed in the last year. 

All motorists should carry out regular checks on their tyres, brakes and headlights, to ensure their vehicles are in a road-worthy condition. 

Nextbase also recommends that motorists check their driving routes prior to travelling to make themselves aware of any ongoing road works and report any dangerous road conditions.

Mr Brooker added: “We recommend that motorists install a dash cam to act as an independent witness in the event of an accident, providing high quality video evidence that will protect them from fault.”

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