Rivian R1T: Busy Week Out Testing Range, Plus CEO Scaringe Off-Roading

What does RJ do on a Sunday? Pack the family in the electric pickup truck and hit the trails.

As the official launch approaches, we’re getting more frequent reports of the Rivian R1T out testing. There were multiple sightings over the past few days. 

Above, you can a Rivian R1T in camo driving on the CA 15 Freeway. YouTube channel ghost tesla was able to get some solid footage while driving on Autopilot on Wednesday, January 27. According to the channel, this R1T electric pickup truck appears to be range testing. But wait, it gets better.

A few days later, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe posted a video on Twitter. He took the whole family for a Sunday drive on rocks, dirt, snow, ice, and mud. Scaringe says he’s driving the “camo” R1T about an hour outside of Los Angeles. As you can see, he’s heading up into the mountains following another R1T that’s not in disguise.

In the final R1T sighting from this past week, we get to see two Rivian R1Ts, both in camo, driving on I-280. It was shared in the r/Rivian subreddit.

The most interesting part is that one of the R1Ts is caught driving right next to a Tesla Model X. It gives us a solid idea of the size of the R1T. This is especially true for people who have seen a Model X up close. If you have an R1T reservation and haven’t seen the truck in person, you could go track down a Model X to get a better idea of the truck’s size. 

Rivian plans to launch its all-electric pickup truck this summer. If it succeeds with its timeline, it will be the first electric pickup truck available in the US.

Check out the video above. Then, leave us a comment below. Do you have an R1T reservation?

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