See C8 Corvette Prototypes Getting Stalked By Excited Motorists

People can’t wait to see the mid-engined Corvette.

As of this writing, the C8 Chevrolet Corvette reveal is just four days away. We know automakers don’t simply stop driving prototypes when a reveal is just around the corner, but usually there’s less interest in getting spy shots or videos. Friends, that’s where the mid-engined Corvette is different from any other automotive reveal in recent memory. People keep spotting test cars on the street, but instead of just going the other way, they whip out the phone and go into stalker mode, chasing these cars down.

That’s exactly what the videographer did in the video at the top of this article. Honestly, we’ve seen hundreds of C8 photos and videos at this point, and this clip isn’t the best of the bunch. It is noteworthy, however, because this car appears to have bright aluminum five-spoke wheels. We’ve only seen these wheels a couple other of times, and honestly, we very much like the look compared to the more intricate “snowflake” spoke design.

Corvette C8 Spy Screenshot
Corvette C8 Spy Screenshot
Corvette C8 Spy Screenshot
Corvette C8 Spy Screenshot
Corvette C8 Spy Screenshot
Corvette C8 Spy Screenshot

The second video below is, frankly, a facepalm-worthy event. It’s a short clip that doesn’t show much of the Corvette, but we feature it here because – surprisingly – this isn’t the first video we’ve seen where someone tries to race a camouflaged C8 prototype. Actually, we aren’t sure if this individual is even seeking a race. After pulling alongside, the driver of the camera car punches the gas in what we’ll assume is an attempted display of dominance. Yeah buddy, you sure showed that camouflaged, manufacturer-owned, expensive prototype who’s boss.

We post these clips not for their super-amazing C8 Corvette spy content, but to expand on a point we discussed in last week’s Corvette-exclusive podcast. From a journalist perspective, the anticipation for this car is unlike anything seen in recent memory. Ordinarily, excitement for a reveal is driven by the automaker through teasers, special events, and so forth. For the C8, GM has been largely hands-off throughout the process – it the fans and everyday people who’ve driven the excitement for this car. Whether it’s turning around to chase down prototypes as we see in these clips, or devoted Corvette followers spending hours to make detailed renderings and even videos of the forthcoming car, it’s simply astonishing to see such investment from the enthusiast community for the first mid-engine Corvette.

The waiting is almost over. The 2020 Corvette Stingray will be revealed in Tustin, California on July 18. You can watch the livestream reveal and get all the information on the new C8 as it breaks right here at

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