See The GMC Hummer EV In Action In New Official Video

If you wanted to see the upcoming electric Hummer truck on the move, then check out the video within.

The GMC Hummer EV has caused quite a big stir among upcoming electric trucks. GM played it smart by reviving the Hummer brand (that wasn’t very popular any more) and giving it a green (electric) twist to make it not only relevant in today’s climate, but actually desirable too.

Subjectively, many argue it’s the coolest looking Hummer since the original H1, thanks to a reimagining of the original’s design cues. It’s definitely one of the boldest upcoming electric trucks, coming close to rivaling the internet-breaking Tesla Cybertruck for visual impact.

After GM revealed the GMC Hummer EV, many people complained that they wanted to see the vehicle in motion and that the automaker had not provided any such videos. In fact, GM was even suspected that at the time of its reveal, it didn’t actually have a working prototype (even though that bit of news was later denied), so to see it in action so early in its development process is quite a treat.

We came across this video showing the Hummer EV driving through an urban environment. The video was uploaded to the General Motors Design Instagram account, and we searched for it elsewhere but didn’t find it.

Its caption reads

“ A Quiet Revolution.

Thanks to our GCV team for the awesome animation. “

This would imply the footage is computer generated, but based on what we saw in the video, most of it appears to be real. We suspect that only parts of the video are CGI, or if all of it is, then the team who created the video deserves praise for utter photorealism. Scroll down to play the video via the embedded Instagram post.

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