Shocking video shows runaway trailer narrowly miss cars as it veers across three lanes

Surveillance footage shows the dramatic moment a trailer becomes detached from a vehicle on a busy motorway. The runaway trailer then proceeds to veers across three lanes of traffic on the motorway risking a near miss. The incident took pale on the M25 motorway last week and occurred near the Surry/Kent border. It caused a traffic queue of around five miles as authorities went to retrieve it.

The video shows the trailer smashing into the central reservation before it became detached before moving back cross the three lanes.

Highways England are now urging drivers to check that what they are towing is sage and correctly attached to the car and that they have the relevant insurance and licence.

Highways England’s strategic road safety lead Stuart Lovatt said: “Thankfully incidents like the one featured in this video are very rare but now is the time to remind motorists of the need to make sure you have carried out proper checks and have loaded the trailer or vehicle correctly.

“We have all sorts travelling on our network including horse boxes, trailer tents and leisure vehicles such as boats and caravans.

“Our message today is really simple, check it before towing it.

“So that everyone gets home, safe and well.”

It has been estimated that there are around 4,000 trailer-related incidents every year.

Reasons for this include poorly distributed loads, overloaded trailers, excessive speed, trailers that are too heavy for the towing vehicle.

Simon Smith, MOT product manager at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, said: “Trailer safety is all too often overlooked.

“But safety checks are life-saving and don’t take too long to carry out – watch our clips, social media and read our guidance.

“It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure equipment is fitted and used safely on every journey.”

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