Speed cameras could soon be used to pick out car tax evaders as drivers back plans

Why motorists could pay more in car tax in 2022

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IAMRoadSmart says road users want to see technology to catch “illegal drivers” without the right documentation. They warned motorists were calling for a “zero-tolerance approach” to stopping those driving without the correct details in place.

A new poll from the group found almost nine in 10 of 2,000 motorists (89 percent) supported the idea of a new rule change allowing speed cameras being used to spot drivers without car insurance, MOT or tax.

This was similar to last year’s data which also found nine out of 10 road users supporting the changes.

Under current rules, only Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras can detect tax evaders.

However, ANPR cameras are usually only fitted to some police cars and private car parks.

There are some on main roads with approximately 1,000 fitted across 500 sites but they are not as common as a normal speed camera.

Neil Greig, Director of Policy and Research at IAM RoadSmart said enforcement teams should do all they can to “deter and punish drivers”.

He said: “As with previous years, the results from our Safety Culture Report demonstrate that law-abiding citizens are totally in favour of a zero-tolerance approach when it comes to catching those who are a menace to other motorists on UK roads.

“However, despite the vast majority of drivers agreeing for several years now that we should be using the widely available technology, we have at our disposal to catch illegal drivers, many police forces are yet to leverage the equipment to its full capabilities.

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“The inconvenience, as well as pain and financial misery uninsured drivers often inflict on other road users should not be overlooked, meaning we should be doing all we can to deter and punish drivers who think the rules don’t apply to them.

“It is well known that enforcing ‘paperwork’ offences often leads to the detection of other more serious crimes.

“This is why we support drivers in their calls for cameras to be used against those who violate the rules of the road.”

Data from the DVLA suggests more drivers are evading car tax than in previous years.

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