Survey Reveals What British Drivers Expect From EVs Before Switching To Electric

Pricing, charging, and range concerns were all brought up in Castrol’s recent survey.

Castrol has conducted a survey that has highlighted what motorists want before they make the big switch to electric cars.

The Accelerating the EVolution survey revealed that consumers are looking for electric cars price at around £24,000, a charge time of 30 minutes, and a range of 282 miles from a single charge. The same study found that if those three ‘tipping points’ could be met, the increase in EV uptake could lead to the EV market in the UK increasing in value to £13 billion by 2025.

“The automotive industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, but I believe that electric vehicles have a central role to play in powering the sector’s low-carbon recovery,” Omer Dormen, VP, Castrol Europe. “Castrol’s research shows that individual consumers are positive about making the switch to electric, but buyers in the UK expect to do so slightly later than those in other markets, and are keen to pay a bit less.