SVOLT Energy Technology Announces NCMA and NMx Cells, New Plants

SVOLT promises a cobalt-free lithium-ion battery cell (NMx) that will reduce costs.

SVOLT Energy Technology, the former Battery Business Unit of Great Wall Motor Co., officially announced plans to build a 24 GWh lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant in Europe.

The investment of €2 billion ($2.24 million) in the battery factory, a factory for cathode materials and a battery technology center, comes on top of establishing a business in China. In 2020, the new facility in Changzhou, Jiangsu will be ready to crank out 12 GWh annually.

The numbers in the announcement are slightly different than previously presented based on Reuters’ report and company materials, but overall it seems that we will really have a new player on the market.

SVOLT Energy Technology describes itself as “a rising-star battery maker in China”. According to the press release, SVOLT will enter the market with two propositions:

“In the product launch event, Mr. Yang Hongxin, General Manager of SVOLT, said that the NMx battery cell rivals the NCM811 cell in performance, while reducing the cost of materials by 5%-15% and the cell BOM cost by around 5%, and allows the materials to rise above strategic resources.”

“On the other hand, the NCMA material not only outperforms NCM811 in cycle life, but also exhibits better resistance to heat, the ability to generate less gas and greater safety, which translates into higher capacity, longer cycle life and better safety performance in the final products.”

Besides all of that, the company hints some manufacturing improvements:

“Roadmap: SVOLT is pioneering the introduction of prismatic stacking batteries, making it the world’s first high-speed stacking prismatic batterymaker. The high-speed stacking process is the new generation of battery technology that breaks the bottleneck of winding processes of batteries. SVOLT aims to finish stacking one cell in 0.25 seconds in one single station. In contrast to the same type of winding process, the energy density of SVOLT stacking batteries improves 5%, the cycle life improves 10% and the cost reduces 15%.”

SVOLT Energy Technology needs to prove its claims still though.

Source: SVOLT Energy Technology via Green Car Congress

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