Switzerland: DPD To Use Electric Truck With Largest Battery Available

This electric truck has so many batteries that it could power your household for two months or so.

DPD Switzerland announced that by mid-December 2020 will put into service an electric truck with, reportedly, the largest battery available in Europe.

The Futuricum Logistics 18E truck, developed by Designwerk Products AG using a Volvo Trucks’ vehicle as a base, will be equipped with a massive 680 kWh battery for range of up to 760 km (472 miles).

DPD intends to use the truck on a route between the DPD depot in Möhlin and the Buchs distribution center, covering at least 80,000 km (50,000 miles) annually and saving around 90 kilograms of CO2 per hundred kilometers.

According to the company, the electric truck with such a high range can fully replace a diesel vehicle and is no worse than the hydrogen fuel cell truck.

The weight of the battery was not revealed, but we assume that it might be several tons, like 4,500-5,000 kg taking into consideration that the smaller 340 kWh version pack was 2,270 kg.

Payload might be significantly affected, but in the case of DPD the most important metric might be volume capacity, not the weight.

Designwerk Products: Futuricum Logistics 18E electric truck