Take An In-Depth Tour Of The Toyota GR Yaris

Did you know the GR Yaris is really good?

For Americans, the GR Yaris is a bit like the metric system. You’ve heard about how easy it is to use and everyone else around the world seems to get it, but deep down you know it will never reach American shores in force. As we sit here drying our tears with the sound of affordable V8s let’s learn more about the GR Yaris, a hot hatch we simply cannot have.

I’m sure by now that if GR Yaris facts was a high school class you could easily score an A+ due to the sheer amount of content created about this little homologation special. Journalists and YouTubers alike wax on about how great this little Toyota is to drive and share what it’s like to sit in a true homologation special.

Today we see even more content about the GR Yaris and this time it’s a deep dive into every aspect of the little Toyota from Mr. JWW. Although this hatchback is small, there’s a lot to discuss because the beauty lies beneath its widebody exterior. The GR Yaris was an opportunity to allow Toyota’s engineers off the leash to build something remarkable.

The most amazing part about the GR Yaris is simply its existence. Toyota is a company that could not justify the creation of a Supra on their own terms due to cost but decided to build a bespoke hatchback homologation special for a rally series that no longer exists. The Toyota GR Yaris is proof of what Toyota is capable of when it gives its team of passionate engineers the budget for exciting projects like this.

As I sit here in America, a little bitter that we cannot have the GR Yaris now, I am making plans for 2046 when they will be legal to import. So please don’t crash and ruin them over the next 25 years.


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