Tesla app now available on Thailand's iOS App Store – official retail sales presence launch imminent? – paultan.org

Tesla has added the Thailand iOS App Store to the list of regions where the Tesla app can be downloaded, which hints at an imminent launch of a retail sales presence in the country.

The Tesla app which you can use to control your Tesla remotely is only released in countries where Tesla has a sales presence. Of course you can use it in Malaysia as we have in the past with our own leased Model S, but you will need to register for a separate iOS App Store account from a country where Tesla officially sells its cars. No big hassle, but it’s still something that you have to go out of your way to do.

Now that Tesla is allowing Thai iOS users to download the app, we can expect Tesla cars to be sold officially in our northern neighbours soon. This will make Thailand the second country in Southeast Asia to have an official Tesla presence after Singapore, even ahead of Indonesia.

Of course, we already knew this was going to happen back in May 2022, when documents of Tesla Thailand’s registration with the Kingdom’s ministry of commerce popped up on social media.

After Thailand, Indonesia is sure to follow suit, as Tesla is in talks on other investments there, beyond just a sales presence. How about that country between Thailand and Singapore? No word on an official retail presence in Malaysia yet, but it seems that we might at least get a Tesla Supercharger network to support travel between Thailand and Singapore.

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