The Return Road: The Last 10 Percent.

Car people know what the last 10 percent is. It’s the literally the worst part of any car build, no matter how long it takes or how skilled you are, it can get the best of even the steeliest of men and ladies. To clarify, I’m not talking about professional shops that are operating on a schedule, that get paid to build cars. I’m talking about the backyard and weekend warrior types. I know the last 10 percent all too well because my project car has been at this point for years!

When you’re not getting paid to build your car, and you add the responsibilities of life to the mix, it is all too easy to justify, “I’ll work on it tomorrow.” Pretty soon, you’ve been saying that for six years. Career, spouses, vacations, kids, family, and even other projects will understandably take priority your project car. but that’s how a year can go by with little progress being made. So, what do you do?

Work on it! Gather all the parts your need, make the time, and get it done! And on that note, I’m going to go take my own advice and head to the garage.

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