The Rivian R1T Has Arrived, And This Family Already Has Plenty To Share

While we’re excited to share all about this family’s brand-new Rivian R1T, we need to start by taking a trip down memory lane. About two years ago, we discovered a new YouTube channel that appealed to us and was a good fit for InsideEVs. It was called Trail Less Traveled, and it highlighted a family’s road trips in an RV.

Not long after discovering this family and becoming friends, they changed their channel name to All Electric Family. Why? Because they bought a new RV to tow with their new Tesla Model X, leaving their larger RV and their gas-guzzling pickup truck at home. It became pretty apparent to this family that an electric pickup truck absolutely had to be in their future. 

After two years of waiting, they just recently took delivery of their Rivian R1T. Check out the video at the top of the page, as All Electric Family put together a relatively lengthy video walking us through the delivery process, their trade-in situation, and their overall first impressions of the electric truck.

Since then, the family produced two additional videos with more specific topics about the R1T. This first (below) highlights their experience charging the R1T. Keep in mind that after coming from the Tesla Model X, they never really had to charge outside of the Tesla Supercharger network. Needless to say, they were a bit concerned and apprehensive about how it might all play out.

They charge the R1T on the Electrify America network, and it charges more quickly than their Model X ever did, which is obviously exciting, especially considering their concerns ahead of the session.

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