This 1991 Nissan Atlas Diesel 4WD Fire Truck Is Lit

It’s so cute.

Keen readers will know that any PacificCoastAuto video heralds the arrival of a very peculiar vehicle from Japan that’s soon to be imported into the United States. However, the latest video featuring a 1991 Nissan Atlas Fire Truck is extra special. 

We’d be remiss not to mention that all of the cool firetruck stuff you’d expect has been removed. That aside, this vehicle was originally a pump truck, meaning it will have had a diesel water pump used to pressurize the water from fire hydrants – not all hydrants are constantly under pressure as they are in the states.

Keeping with its original functionality, the fire truck features a skeleton canopy in the back with space to fit up to six people – we’d wager that most would do away with the original cloth canopy as it’s quite narrow. Unfortunately, the sides of the bed no longer flip down, but this would be a quick fix for anyone looking to buy.

Under the skin, this beast is actually quite advanced for its age. Most noticeably it features a selectable four-wheel-drive system, meaning the driver can switch between rear-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive; it also features a low-ratio gearbox for when the going gets exceptionally difficult.  

However, the clear focal point of this vehicle is its 2.7-liter TD27 engine which famously didn’t use a timing belt – the peculiar power unit used a gear to connect the cam and crankshaft. Semantics aside, the vehicle comes with very low mileage – just over 10,000 kilometers (6,214 miles) – due to the fact that it likely spent most of its life sitting in a firehouse.

Regardless of how peculiar this vehicle is, it presents an almost limitless number of possibilities for prospective buyers. We see it as an excellent springboard for a petite overlander, but feel free to let us know how you’d modify it in the comments below.


PacificCoastAuto via YouTube

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