This Dude Finds The Best Way To Deal With Kids Playing In Driveway

Let this serve as an example.

Every night you come home to your security device that has an alert for an “intrusion” into your driveway. You’re wary, of course, only to find out from the footages that it’s a kid on a bike that plays in your driveway whenever a chance presents itself. It has become so rampant, you need to decide what to do about it. What do you do?

That’s the exact situation that CanyonChasers, a YouTube channel for motorcycles, had to face. But instead of taking drastic measures to deter the kid from playing in his driveway, the guy did the opposite, as you can see in the video embedded on top.

Admittedly, the guy was a bit annoyed with the constant evening alert, but it turned into a routine eventually. Inspired by his wife’s idea, he created a makeshift race track on his driveway for the kid to play in.

He was successful. The kid loved it, and so is the rest of the neighborhood. Whenever a biker passes through the area, the race track serves as a detour – a heartwarming sight, I must say.

CanyonChasers redraws the track whenever it rains, and even updated it every now and then. Some kids were using the track correctly, while some are even The makeshift race track was a hit to adults, too.

With the coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc around the world, all it takes is one great idea and a cool head to help the community even in a small way. Yes, we all need this feel-good story even just every once in a while, and let this be an example of how you can deal with certain situations in the best way possible.

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