Toyota Is Most Valuable Car Brand, Tesla Is Growing Like Crazy: Study

The last couple of years have been volatile, to say the very least. The latest study from Interbrand offers some perspective on that, listing the top global brands for 2021 based on value. It’s an all-inclusive list, and it’s probably no surprise that tech giants Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft are at the top. For our purposes, we’ll focus on automaker placements and two make the top ten. But they probably aren’t the two you’re expecting.

Per the study, Toyota leads all auto manufacturers and takes the seventh spot on the top ten with a reported value of $54.1 billion, an increase of five percent from the previous year. The other auto brand in the top ten is Mercedes-Benz, landing just behind Toyota in eighth with $50.8 billion, an increase of just three percent. BMW comes next at $41.6 billion, good enough for number 12 on the list. Finally we get to Tesla, listed at number 14 with a reported value of $36.2 billion.

However, Tesla absolutely dominates everything else in Interbrand’s report when it comes to growth. Covering the top 100 brands for 2021, Tesla’s growth is listed at a whopping 184 percent. PayPal and Adobe are tied for the second spot, but at 36 percent they are way down the list from Tesla.

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It’s worth noting that these figures are subject to some interpretation. For example, a similar study from BrandZ actually lists Tesla as the most valuable automaker with a value of $42.6 billion. It also reports Tesla posting a 275 percent increase for 2021. Toyota then comes second at $26.9 billion, which BrandZ says is a five percent loss.

Ultimately, the takeaway is that Tesla continues to rock the automotive world on the financial side with exceptional growth. Whether or not it’s sustainable, only time will tell.


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