Used car warning – Don’t make this mistake or you could be fined £1,000

Motorists could land themselves a fine when buying or selling a car by making a simple error. Buying a used or secondhand car is a popular way to own a vehicle in Britain as it is typically cheaper than purchasing a new one. However, a change in the law could mean that motorists con both sides of the sale could land a fine. Previously, the car tax was transferable between owners when a car was sold. 

Since the abolition of the car tax discs, this is not, however, the case anymore. 

If you buy a car then you could land a fine if you don’t apply for car tax and similarly if you’re selling an untaxed vehicle you could also be fined. 

Owners should keep the vehicle taxed as they can claim back any full months as a refund after it is sold. 

The DVLA tweeted about the law to ensure that motorists don’t make this error. 

The tweet said: “Vehicle tax or SORN isn’t passed on when you sell a vehicle or transfer ownership to someone else. 

“This includes giving it to a member of your family. Tax it now:  (link: #TaxItOrLoseIt  #carsales   #SmarterGov”

If you have an untaxed car you could land a £1,000. 

What’s more, it could be clamped or even seized if it is found to be without tax.

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